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The Awakening Women Program is a transformational journey that awakens your beauty, magic, power and life force. By offering ancient Priestess Temple Arts Mystery teachings that have always been used for women at different stages in life to come back to your true essence, you will have all the support needed to liberate your creativity, intuition and your divine femininity. Each class is a sacred portal with a deeper aspect of your being.This journey of self discovery offers LIVE Sacred Circles, Sacred Movement, Shakti Womb Yoga, meditation, sacred writing, deepening activities, initiations and rituals. The invitation is for you to fall in love with your body temple, your soul and fall in love with life.
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What is included


  • Rituals & Ceremony

  • Sacred Feminine Embodiment Practices by Mary Magdalene

  • Mudra, Kriya, Sacred Movement Practice

  • Womb Healing and Awakening

  • Sacred Sound - Healing Mantras

  • Womb Yoga

  • and much more !

This program is for you if:

  • You like to feel more beautiful inside out.

  • Would like to feel alive.

  • Desire to live a more sacred life.

  • Would like to honour the body as a temple.

  • Desire to live from your divine feminine power.

Dive into your own Magnificence

In ten weeks you will learn:


🌙 Your female Body Temple

In this Module of 3 classes you will learn to love the temple you live in, to live through your senses and celebrate yourself.


🌓 Your inner Temple

Celebrate your energetic, inner temple you live in and the most sacred places of your female body - your womb & heart.



Experience your divine gateway that allows divine energy to pass through, activate the energy guided by Mary Magdalene and the Rose Lineage to awaken.

The process of feminine awakening is happening all around the world.It is a journey that every woman needs to take to step into her true power. Your beauty, creativity and wisdom needs to shine in all areas of your life. Join me on a transformative journey!

Pricing options

ONE TIME PAYMENT :: 222,- or 3 EASY PAYMENTS :: 80,- / Module


Julia Mander

I’m honoured to support your journey of transformation. In service to the embodiment of your soul, and how to walk in deep connection with yourself and here on mother earth.